Results of My First 12 Week Year

I am so excited to share the results of my first 12 week year with you. You can read my introduction to the book and goal strategy here.

Results of My First 12 Week Year

I set goals in 3 key areas:

  1. My health
  2. My home business
  3. My creative work

First, I made huge strides in my personal health. I consistently used a supplement necessary to stabilize a serious vitamin deficiency. During my 12 week year, I had six month follow ups with good results including an evaluation of my back health. I’ve regained nearly-normal disc space in an area that was nearly bone-on-bone 18 months ago. The consistency required to achieve both of these milestones has spilled discipline over into other areas of my life as well, particularly time outdoors and better meal planning. Bonus!

Second, I began working on applying that consistency and momentum to my home business. I started setting weekly goals instead of striving for perfection and disappointing myself daily. I use Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever goal breakdown approach for weekly goals. During the 12 week year experiement, I made a list of six key objectives for each week. I considered it a win anytime I completed four or more for the week. Completing these consistently led to new business growth. More importantly, I could enjoy my work again as I focused on my success instead of my shortcomings.

Third and finally, was the area of my creative work. If the lack of updates clearly show – this goal did not turn out the way I pictured. I envisioned more blogging, painting, and more content on YouTube. It turned out that my creativity was unleashed on my home. Despite a very busy travel schedule, we completed several home improvements and I thoroughly enjoyed the design process.

I thought if this strategy was so successful I would repeat it quarterly. This type of boost to my goal focus is something that will work better for me if it’s used once or twice a year, otherwise, it becomes another trap for my perfectionism.

Have you reached any of your goals for this year? Have you done any home improvements? Let me know in the comments!