Perfect Farmhouse Dishes

I’ve been hunting for the perfect farmhouse dishes for our new home nearly an entire year. I’m so excited to have finally found the three pieces I’ll be using for our place settings.

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Perfect Farmhouse Dish Collection Plates Bowls

Each of these dishes are from different product lines at two of the biggest superstores – so you should be able to find these in your area or online.

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With the rise in popularity of farmhouse style, it is easy to see why they work well together. My personal affinity towards this design style has more to do with the similarity it has to french country design.

Good design was important to me.

I knew I did not want a set where every dish looked the same. A true French Country design style incorporates stone, wood, and rustic elements. I love when items are collected over time, so I try to create that look when I need to buy new things. This is more difficult with dishes since the undertone, weight, material and finish each impact the overall look.

They also needed to be practical.

These pieces had to be dishwasher safe and microwave safe. We wanted plates that could endure a short reheat in the microwave without being too hot to pick up by hand. We prefer bowls that are deeper: to keep the heat in for soup or the cold in for ice cream. We also needed a set of smaller plates for smaller meals and snacks.

Why these made the final cut.

  • They had both feminine and masculine elements in the colors and style
  • They met all the functional requirements
  • They incorporate our home color scheme and allow for a variety of accent colors
  • They coordinated in finish, shape, and color.
  • They have a beige accent on the dinner plates, which pops against wood table surfaces
  • They all have a design element that makes them easy to grip

What you should know before buying these.

  • The soup bowls seem to be from a fall-related product line so I’m not sure how long they’ll be available.
  • These dishes have a nice, medium weight compared to other options. This is important if you have smaller children or elderly parents at home who may have a hard time lifting.
  • The dinner plates have the beige accent on the top and are fully beige on the bottom.
  • The individual dinner plates are no longer available online but are available as a set.
  • The bowls come with a note they may get hot in the microwave.
  • The salad plates and bowls are available in other color choices.

After nearly 25 years of marriage, we have been through a few sets of dishes. I’m excited to finally have a collection that feels like just that: a collection. Timeless design on the dinner plates, depth of color in the salad plates, and a little something fun for the soup bowls. This is how I remember dishes being at big family gatherings and it makes me happy.

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Bowls – 21.5oz Stoneware Scalloped Cereal Bowl – Target – 4.99 each
Salad Plates – Tilley Stoneware Salad Plate Black Project 62 – Target – 4.99 each
Dinner Plates – Farmhouse Lace by Pioneer Woman – Walmart – 39.99 set


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  1. These are beautiful pieces. What’s the story behind how you found each of them? Do you recall?

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